A smarter way to engage students

Make your classroom more engaging and interactive. Selfstudy offers learning tools to deliver personalised education at scale, thus enabling teachers to focus on every single student.

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How does Selfstudy help teachers?

Selfstudy enables teachers to improve learning outcomes and increase enrolments by offering the latest technology driven learning aids to their students.

Engaging Content

Selfstudy provides high quality engaging educational content to improve student learning experience.

Adaptive Assessments

Create tests and assessments in minutes by using our comprehensive question bank which contains detailed solution for each question.

Monitor Performance

Selfstudy enables real-time monitoring of students daily learning. Teacher’s Dashboard provides a single view of performance of all their students.

Increase Efficiency

Selfstudy enables you to efficiently utilise your expensive faculty resources and minimise the burden of preparation, evaluation and doubt clearance of questions and mock tests.

Increase Enrolments

Showcase Selfstudy’s online learning aids to attract students and ward off the risk of your students being taken over by the large institutes. Be ahead of your competition by moving online and offering students both classroom and online learning options.

What makes Selfstudy different?

Selfstudy brings personalised learning edge right into your hands by going the extra mile to strengthen your exam preparations to achieve a grand success.

Animated Video Lessons
Bite-sized animated videos and illustrations to explain difficult concepts in an entertaining way.
Infographic Study Material
Search enabled, thoroughly researched infographic flash charts for quick last minute revision before exams.
Instant Doubt Resolution
Get your questions answered in real time by IITians and PMT experts.
Concept Based Learning
Concept based learning aimed at improving exam performance.
Personalised Feedback
Personalised and detailed feedback to identify knowledge gaps.
Learn Anytime Anywhere
Selfstudy is designed to help students learn the way they want: everywhere, anywhere.

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